Life Liran Foundation

Welcome To Life Kiran De Addiction Treatement Centre

Life Kiran is a rehabilitation center in India that provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Dr. Lakhbir Singh is the founder of Life Kiran, established in 2016 as an internationally recognized expert on addiction and its treatment. Life Kiran is the best drug addiction center in Kapurthala, Punjab, specializing in treating alcoholism and drug addiction.

The staff at Life Kiran are highly qualified and experienced in providing comprehensive care to people suffering from addiction. The center has a comprehensive program that includes individual and group therapy, 12-step programs, nutrition counseling, exercise therapy, social support services, and 24-hour crisis intervention.

Life Kiran has a reputation for being one of the most effective de-addiction centers available for those seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. The facilities are clean and comfortable, the staff friendly and helpful, and the program extensive.

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