Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab

Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab

Taking part in your deaddiction journey, we can help you shape a new, healthy lifestyle

Life Kiran is a government-approved, most trusted rehabilitation centre in Punjab that helps individuals suffering from addiction re-live a happy life. We provide unparalleled, premier-quality treatment to those who suffer from addiction concerns brought on by trauma and its underlying issues. Our facility offers a safe, comfortable, confidential environment where guests can heal from trauma-induced substance abuse and process addiction, anxiety or depression.

If you or a family member is burdened by addiction due to trauma-induced, self-destructive behaviours, we encourage you to reach out for help as early as possible. At Life Kiran de addiction centre in Punjab, the admissions process begins with your first phone call. If you believe our services are the right fit, call us today. Our team is always prepared to greet you with compassion and respect. We want to learn more about you and your needs to ensure we can provide everything you need to heal from your addiction.

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Addictions We Treat

Get Assistance for Alcohol, Drugs, Cocaine, Depression & More

Addiction is an issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible. It leads to people ruining their lives and destroying relationships. It is a very complex issue that hinders people from moving forward and makes them experience numerous health problems. The best way of treating addiction is to receive treatment at a good rehabilitation centre in Punjab, like ours. It’s where patients get the best treatment with the help of the available facilities.

Using our service, we can treat various types of addiction, from drugs to alcohol. All you need to do is read our information and call us for more details. Book an appointment on our website, and we will extend our services to you at no charge for assessment purposes.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Having an alcohol addiction can ruin all aspects of your life, including your health, finances, relationships and career. It makes the world unpleasant for you, and those around you will suffer too. We provide a complete solution for curing alcohol addictions in our retreat facilities. From detox to therapies and wellness sessions, we help clients with a speedy recovery from alcohol addiction.

Drugs Addiction

Drugs Addiction

Are you feeling anxious or Depressed? Have trouble coping with life's demands? Do you feel stressed over controlling your drug addiction? Your addiction has shifted to holding you. If yes, get the best treatment at the most suitable rehab centre in Punjab. At Life Kiran De-Addiction Punjab, you’ll get the best care and services dedicated to complete healing from drugs based on your needs and requirements.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Life has become monotonous due to no longer doing things that used to excite you. Your world has become filled with negative behaviours, and you are losing control of your life. All of this is happening because of your cocaine addiction. Life Kiran De Addiction Centre in Punjab offers various curable cocaine addiction treatment programs that produce better results for you or your loved ones.

Depression Addiction


Addiction, the word itself and its manifestations create anguish for any family member. It’s not just social embarrassment. It is a source of mental distress and trauma, which takes loved ones to their knees. The pain often leads one to be at the mercy of addiction. Overcoming addiction with physical and spiritual conditions is the only viable approach towards healing. Thus, we offer holistic ways to treat depression and anxiety.

How do We work?

Addiction can rob people of their dreams and make them lose touch with the people who matter most. It’s a dark period that affects your health and your whole life. Overcoming addiction doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen if you commit to change and are willing to ask for help.

The first step in overcoming addiction is admitting that there’s a problem. The treatment programme at our centre aims to guide you on this journey by creating an individualized plan for each client that considers their specific needs and interests. We work with you throughout the process, helping you understand what’s getting in your way and how to successfully overcome these obstacles.

Understand the Root Cause Behind the Addiction

The root cause behind addiction is rarely one specific item but a mixture of many. Understanding the root causes behind your loved one's addiction can help you better understand their challenges and how to help them through their struggles. Our multidisciplinary approach takes care of each individual's medical history and helps them quickly understand their problems. This activity helps them think clearly about their problem-solving abilities to overcome their addictive nature.

  • Financial Loss
  • Sudden Death Cases
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Family Problems
  • Past Traumas
  • Excessive Drinking Habits

We are acclaimed as the best rehab centre in Punjab today, offering a completely customised approach for recovering addicts. Our rehabilitation centre in Punjab conducts different counselling sessions and runs detoxification and rehabilitation programs to meet our client’s needs and emotional support. We assure you that you’ll get the best detoxification and rehab programs in Punjab to transform your life completely.

Understand Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction is curable only if one detects the symptoms. Finding the root cause & symptoms of addiction is crucial to understanding. Something has happened in your life that’s caused a change in your consciousness. It’s something you’ve experienced yourself that has caused the addiction. Thus, it’s essential to understand why and how this addiction happens and learn how to overcome it.

Our rehab centre in Punjab supports clients so they can stop suffering through their pain and move forward with life. To treat addiction completely, we first try categorizing addiction levels based on clients’ activities according to their behaviors.

  • Excessive Substance
  • Consumption Multiple
  • Mood Swings Increased
  • Temper Self-doubts & Lack of Confidence
  • Depressions
  • Hopelessness Memory Problems
  • Poor Judgment

Help is Only a Call Away, Dial :: +91-9872844548 to Get Instant Assistance

At Life Kiran De-addiction centre in Punjab, our experienced coordinators are available 24/7 to help clients with anything come up during your stay. We’ll always be just a call away when you need us most. We treat each client as an individual so that we can cultivate their recovery into something worthwhile, like getting back to work, school or even starting a business. Our outpatient services mean you can still live at home while being treated by our team of experts.

Call the best rehab centre in Punjab to eliminate your addiction concerns today!